About Us


Our village on the hill with the open horizon and the magnificent landscape of this wider area was the basic idea to create a space to share this uniqueness. Thus, «XEROLITHOS Natural Living» 

Our core values make us who we are and grow up with beliefs that are important to us such as excellence, change for the better, integrity and how to serve you in the best possible way by offering you what you ask for and what you would like to remember from your vacation.

We Aim the Excellence

Our loyalty to our customers is the results of what we do. Our reputation and our initial goal for our business is "good service at reasonable prices" and we are proud to have achieved this in every detail.

We are looking to Innovate

Innovation has always been part of our history. Our family strives to innovate in the modern hospitality industry. We are determined to listen and anticipate the changing needs of our customers with new products offering unique experiences.